Good content is a major factor in SEO, but then is longer content good for seo and does it actually matter? In most cases you will find that the top searched articles rank the highest on search engines usually have articles that have more than 2000 words. This does not mean that content length is the only ranking factor Google uses while ranking websites. As content length is not a google requirement and there are no rules in place from Google, search engines do prefer longer content over regular blog posts. Content is just one of many parts of how a specific web page should get ranked or not. If your content is long and also with the relevant information then it becomes easier to optimise the website for these rankings.

Are Backlinks Important?

Quality backlinks can be important for some longer pieces of content, as often there will be lots of thorough research going in to the piece of written content, so you should have all the bases covered as far as providing useful information to the concerned readers. People will come back and keep clicking on the relevant link if they find answers to their questions.

What is Dwell Time?

Dwell time is essentially the length of time a user spends looking on a webpage after they’ve clicked a link on a SERP page. But before going back to SERP. The higher the dwell time, the better the chances of the webpage being given a boost by Google. You’ve done this a lot of the time when you asses the webpage you just clicked on you either instantly press the back button because the page was not relevant as to what you was searching for it has the answer you was searching for. The higher the dwell time, the better the chances of the webpage being given a boost by Google. The more time you spend on the webpage that indicates to Google the page satisfied your needs and queries.

If you would like to more about dwell time and other metrics that impact your search engine performance, then please get in touch and have a chat.