If you are a bar or restaurant owner looking to take your business to the next level then the Essex SEO team are here to help!

We specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation) for the hospitality industry with years of experience helping bars and restaurants improve their online presence. Want to find out how we can support your business?

seo for bars and restaurants in essex

Why is SEO worth investing in for my bar or restaurant?

SEO is a powerful tool that can help boost footfall, brand awareness and increase bookings. Our team will take you through every step of the process whether you are a new venue or an established venue to ensure you achieve the best results possible. We will utilise a range of techniques to boost your online visibility and get you found online. As a bar or restaurant in Essex local SEO is of vital importance, so our team will help optimise your local presence to get you fully booked with queues out the door!

Unlike paid advertising methods, SEO has great longevity and yields great organic results that will have a long term positive impact on your business. We have a range of packages available to suit all business sizes and budgets so if you want to skyrocket your business, get in touch with our team to start your SEO journey today!

Local SEO in Essex
Local SEO

What are the benefits of utilising SEO for my bar or restaurant?

There are so many benefits that SEO can have on your business including:

  • Increased visibility
  • Stronger brand awareness
  • Increased bookings
  • Stronger conversion rates
  • Data driven insights to assist with continuous improvement

What does the journey to better SEO for my bar and restaurant look like?

The first step in the journey after reaching out to the Essex SEO team is for us to conduct an audit of your existing website and local presence. If you don’t already have a website, don’t worry! Our team can also provide you with recommendations of design, content and more to get your website up and running.

Once we have completed our initial audit and conducting keyword research, we will provide you with recommendations and a plan of action, this will depend on the package you have chosen. If you have chosen one of our project packages this will include a full breakdown of the work we will carry out, if you have selected one of our monthly retainer packages this will include a 3 month plan detailing the work we will complete in the first 3 months.

Then it is down to us! We may require approval on changes or content along the way, but you can leave all the technical stuff and optimisation to us, it really is that easy!

seo for restaurants

What areas will Essex SEO focus on for my bar or restaurant?

When enhancing your venue’s web visibility, our SEO experts will focus particularly on local SEO across a number of categories. Depending on the plan you choose, the following is a summary of the areas we will focus on:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Technical audit and updating to make sure that SEO fundamentals like heading structure and metadate are in place
  • Review all website links, including those to social media.
  • Optimisation for Google My Business 
  • Indexing 
  • Creating a blog
  • Production of website content
  • Citation constructing
  • Building backlinks 

Contact our team if you want to learn more about how our SEO services can help your company or if you want to begin your SEO journey.

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